Thank you for applying to be the beneficiary of the spring 2018 performance of Voices Creating Change with the Omaha Children's Choir! Applications will be accepted through December 15, 2017.
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What do you do? Whom do you serve? What community do you mainly work in? Why is your work important? *

Omaha Children’s Choir uses music, speakers, artists, and hands-on service projects to connect with the non-profit that we are collaborating with. Why is your organization a good fit in this aspect? *

What are some ways the organization may potentially collaborate with Omaha Children's Choir in the Voices Creating Change performance and/or other events? *

Why does this organization deserve to be the beneficiary of the Voices Creating Change performance? *

Is there is reason that Spring 2018 is an especially good time to work with your organization? (E.g., a special anniversary of something related to your non-profit, matching grant funds available, the population that you serve is especially newsworthy in that year, etc.) *

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